Michael John Mollo


Michael John Mollo was raised between the streets of New York and Pennsylvania mountains. This juxtaposition aligned his musical tastes to electronic and film music as well as early hiphop and blues and roots. Mollo funneled this eclecticism into an education in classical music and jazz and has received multiple music degrees including a Master’s of Music from the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati and an advanced certificate in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television from the University of Southern California.

After spending some time with Hans Zimmer and his team at Remote Control Productions, Mollo joined legendary film composer John Powell.  Since then, he has contributed music to many blockbuster films including the Oscar nominated score for Dreamworks Animation’s “How to Train Your Dragon,” 20th Century FOX’s “Rio” and “Dr Suess’ ‘The Lorax'”.  Mollo has worked on everything from indie films, to television series’ to video games and advertising. Most recently he completed Season 2 of ‘Battleclaw’ for Mattel as well as Capcom’s reboot of the game franchise ‘Strider.’

Mollo also currently oversees ‘Velvet Green Music’ a production music catalog and bespoke music house serving the greater Los Angeles media community.